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Polyurethane Cyclone

Hebei Feinuo Machinery Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of experience in polyurethane production and has collaborated with multiple rubber research institutes and famous universities in the country for related research and development, accumulating rich production experience. The related products are exported to rich mineral countries such as Australia. We can produce various types and models of polyurethane beneficiation and grinding equipment according to customer requirements.

Hydrocyclone is a kind of equipment used to separate and remove heavy coarse sand and other substances in sewage. Sometimes also used for mud dewatering. There are two types: pressure type and gravity type, often made of circular cylindrical structures or metal pipes. Water enters through the upper part of a structure (or metal tube) along a tangent line through pressure or gravity. Under the action of centrifugal force, coarse and heavy particulate matter is thrown towards the wall of the vessel and rotated downwards to discharge together with the formed thick liquid. The smaller particulate matter rotates to a certain extent and is discharged with a secondary upwelling vortex. The Hydrocyclone has no moving parts and is simple in structure; The production capacity per unit volume is relatively large and occupies a small area; High classification efficiency (up to 80%~90%) and fine classification granularity; Low cost and low material consumption.

Hydrocyclone is a high-efficiency classification and desliming equipment, which has been widely used at home and abroad due to its simple structure, easy manufacturing and large processing capacity. Its main disadvantage is that it consumes more power and is severely worn during high-pressure ore feeding. The use of new wear-resistant materials, such as hard alloy and silicon carbide, to make wear-resistant parts for sand settling and feeding ports can partially solve this problem.




Polyurethane cyclone, as the name suggests, is a cyclone made by pouring polyurethane elastomer. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, high strength, light weight, and long service life. The specifications can be freely selected between 10mm and 610mm. At present, many domestic manufacturers can only produce specifications below 500mm.

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