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The certificate covers the scope of business: processing of plastic products (parts for mechanical equipment)

Quality management system certification


Custom processing and assembly Runflat Devices Armoured Vehicles Runflat tires system

Runflat Wheel Assemblies Run Flat Tyre Inserts

Runflat It is our responsibility to help you improve driving safety and Avoid all safety accidents.
The product will guarantee the driving safety of the driver in the first time after the tire burst, to ensure that the driver has enough time to drive the car to a safe place or tire shop.
Vehicles without explosion-proof emergency safety devices ,Tire burst can easily cause a vehicle to lose control and lead to tragedy
The value of life is above all else.

  • What can our product do for you

1.Runflat After a tire burst occurs,Our products Can ensure that the vehicle does not lose control.
2.Keep that tire will not break away from the wheel boss
3.the car can travel safely for 80-100km

We have around 500 different sizes of solid tires.These can be ordered and converted quickly and efficiently to suit all customer requirements.

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