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The certificate covers the scope of business: processing of plastic products (parts for mechanical equipment)

Quality management system certification

Polyurethane Flexible Feeder

This product is used for blanking, uncoiling, and swinging shear molds of automotive body stamping molds. It is used for punching, cutting, and returning metal sheets in automotive body stamping molds

The advantages of choosing our company: having been in the industry for more than ten years, independently researching and producing, having complete production and testing equipment, and rich production experience, we are honored to become a qualified supplier for many well-known domestic automotive mold enterprises; Based in Jingxian County, Hengshui, Hebei, with domestic production, cost advantages and geographical advantages of rubber and plastic production base; Conventional products have inventory, non-standard products can be customized, and delivery times are short; Marketing consultant: (19833889088) will answer your questions and solve difficulties, and follow up throughout the pre-sales, during sales, and after-sales process

The characteristics of the flexible feeder: it has good weather resistance, which is superior to rubber and can be used in environments with a little water. It can be used in environments with a little cutting oil. Although ultraviolet radiation (including sunlight) can cause discoloration, it does not affect its use effect. High load, high rebound, and low durability (permanent deformation).

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