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The certificate covers the scope of business: processing of plastic products (parts for mechanical equipment)

Quality management system certification

Urethane Nozzles

The polyurethane elastomer products produced by our company are used in different industries, mostly as industrial accessories, with wear resistance, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and clean the general characteristics, but also can be customized according to customer requirements: various shapes, various sizes for different environments of the product.

Polyurethane nozzle is used for sandblasting equipment, mud spraying and other equipment discharge port, make full use of polyurethane high wear resistance, good rebound, water resistance, no slag and other characteristics, effectively protect the metal main part of the equipment discharge port is not damaged, loading and unloading is convenient and efficient.

Polyurethane nozzle is used in mining machinery, shipbuilding and other industries. Our company can also customize a variety of products with corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance and other characteristics, different colors and different hardness according to the actual use environment of customers. Different polyurethane raw materials and different formulations, different processes produced by the product performance is very different. The production of such products, first of all, according to the use environment and product physical property indicators provided by the customer, our laboratory makes small samples for testing and comparison, determines the formula and develops the process, and then puts into formal production after passing the proofing. It takes more than ten processes to enter the production link and complete the production process through strict technological requirements. Through 20 years of experience accumulation and strict quality control, all kinds of polyurethane nozzle produced by our company have solved many real problems for users, and also won the praise of new and old customers.

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