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The certificate covers the scope of business: processing of plastic products (parts for mechanical equipment)

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Polyurethane seal

Polyurethane seal is a kind of high performance sealing material, made of polyurethane material. It has excellent wear resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance, and is widely used in various industrial fields. Polyurethane seals prevent liquids, gases and impurities from infiltrating machinery and ensure proper operation of equipment by providing a reliable seal.


Excellent wear resistance: Polyurethane seals are made of high-quality polyurethane materials with excellent wear resistance. It can withstand wear under conditions such as high-speed rotation, friction and extrusion, and maintain a long service life.

Good sealing performance: The seal adopts advanced manufacturing process and design to ensure the complete sealing of the contact part with the equipment. It can effectively prevent liquid and gas leakage, avoid the intrusion of impurities inside the equipment, and protect the normal operation of the equipment.

Oil and chemical resistance: Polyurethane seals have excellent oil and chemical resistance. It can withstand the erosion of various lubricants, liquid chemicals and corrosive substances, and maintain its function and performance stability.

Temperature adaptability: Seals have good temperature adaptability and can work properly over a wide temperature range. It can maintain its elasticity and sealing performance in both extremely cold and high temperature conditions.

Application field:

Automotive industry: polyurethane seals are widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry. It can be used in automotive engine, transmission, hydraulic system and other key parts to ensure the sealing of liquid and gas, improve the performance and reliability of the car.

Mechanical equipment: Polyurethane seals are used as sealing elements in various mechanical equipment, such as pumps, valves, compressors, etc. It can prevent leaks and impurities from entering the inside of the equipment, and maintain the normal operation and life of the equipment.

Food and pharmaceutical industry: Polyurethane seals are also widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry due to their excellent chemical resistance and hygienic properties. It can be used to seal food processing equipment, drug production equipment, etc., to ensure product quality and hygiene requirements.

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