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The certificate covers the scope of business: processing of plastic products (parts for mechanical equipment)

Quality management system certification

Urethane Scraper Blades

Our company is a production-oriented enterprise, can be made according to customer requirements, formula adjustment. Has achieved better use and installation effect.

A belt cleaner scraper: installed at the discharge roller of the conveyor head, sweeping the material adhering to the conveyor belt working surface and causing it to fall into the head funnel. The use of a blade scraper, and maintain a stable contact force between the belt, polyurethane elastic material can ensure good follow-up with the belt, to achieve a complete scraping effect.

Second belt cleaner: it is installed on the flat working surface of the belt under the conveyor head wheel, and is used together with a cleaner to effectively remove the adhesive material remaining on the belt and make it fall into the head funnel. The use of hermet-shaped scraper can ensure that the scraper maintains good contact with the belt, and the effect of scraping the belt stains is good, and the belt is not damaged.

  Empty return cleaner: installed on the non-working surface of the belt, remove the debris above to protect the reversing drum and conveyor belt, using an integrated forming polyurethane scraper, using its own gravity close to the belt, good following, to achieve the effect of completely removing debris.

Product features: The scraper is formed by polyurethane elastomer mold, good elasticity, large extensibility and good following for the belt. Polyurethane blade wear resistance, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, long service life, is more than 5 times the alloy blade. The polyurethane blade has good self-moistening property, small friction coefficient and no damage to the belt. Polyurethane scrapers are elastomer materials with high wear resistance and low friction coefficient. High wear resistance and high rebound characteristics ensure a good fit with the belt, with a complete scraping effect.

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